Aux Quatre Vents

Our Back Garden

Our back garden has evolved considerably over the years. Here is the story. The latest entries are first. Scroll to the bottom to start from the beginning.

Decking Phases 3 and 4 2022

We completed the second 10m by 4m decking section and a 3m by 3m decking section in front of the pool.
We put weed matting down for a decking extension and a feature garden.
We built a rain cover over the rear terrace.
We built a lowered decking extension.

Decking Phase 2 2021

We demolished the old and no longer functional shower.
Building the second 10m by 4m decking section is almost complete. The fairy circle table becomes a feature. We replaced the old inflatable pool which a local cat punctured with a larger one. We planted 14 trees to hide the hideous new builds behind us.
We removed the hideous tiles and replaced the old windows.

Decking Phase 1 2020

Installing the support beams for the first 2.5m by 4m decking section.
Installing the planks for the first 2.5m by 4m decking section.
Finished the first 2.5m by 4m decking section.
The first 10m by 4m decking section is complete.

Matting and First Pool 2016

Removing the pine trees allowed weeds to grow. We put down weed matting and the matting for an above ground pool.
Our first above ground pool was ready.

Pine Trees 2015

When we bought the property, there were five huge pine trees in the garden. They made the garden very dark. They also dropped toxic needles that prevented other plants from growing. The trees were also home to a lot of very noisy cicadas.
We got people in to cut down the trees. Sometimes we couldn’t watch. One guy climbed a tree with a running chainsaw hanging from his belt!
The trees were all cut down and the larger pieces taken away. We still had a lot of clearing up to do. Still, the garden was much lighter.
After The pine trees were cut down, there was tree debris everywhere.